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The Winthrop Society: Descendants of the Great Migration
John Wintrhrop: Portrait and Signature

the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Company and their elected Governor, John Winthrop, emigrated to New England in 1630 to found a “City on a Hill,” the Winthrop Society: Descendants of the Great Migration is dedicated to honoring and preserving their memory, philosophy and tradition, and transmitting their example of courage, faith, civic duty and integrity."

Welcome to the Web site of the Winthrop Society, a not-for-profit hereditary organization dedicated to historical and genealogical research and the dissemination of educational material.

The Winthrop Society gladly extends membership to all men and women of good character and proven descent from one or more passengers of the Winthrop fleet, or of others who settled in the Bay Colony and down east before 1636. We also welcome the efforts of any others who bring with them the fruits of any research that furthers the appreciation and understanding of seventeenth-century Massachusetts Bay and New England.

We encourage all visitors to explore our site and to find out more about the Winthrop Society and its goals, achievements, and membership.

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