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No original complete lists survive which name the passengers of the ships sent to America by the Massachusetts Bay Company from 1628 to 1630. Immediately below are lists of the surnames of first settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth as proposed by worthy researchers of the last two centuries. Scarcely half of these brave settlers survived to raise families. The married couples who survived often saw half their children die in infancy. We remember all these courageous persons, who were motivated by their Christian faith in a time of religious persecution to venture their lives to make a new society for us in the wilderness. We owe them our very existence as a Nation, and the core of our Constitution, and we should never forget their principles and purpose.

At the bottom of this page are alphabetically arranged links to vital data of the first settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth who are known to have had children. Their descendants are warmly invited to apply for membership in The Winthrop Society, and to participate in our historical and genealogical research. In some cases, the settler is specially treated by still another hereditary society, focused upon that settler's descendants or those bearing the surname. You will find links to these societies under the settler's listing. These societies are independent entities, not formally related to or monitored by The Winthrop Society.


(Family historians should not be discouraged if a name they are researching is not in the following lists! While thoroughly researched by respected genealogists, most are reconstructions and unlikely to be definitively comprehensive.)

Following is a partial reconstruction of the passenger list of the Winthrop Fleet, according to Col. Charles E. Banks, published 1930:

Abbott, Abell, Agar, Alcock, Aleworth, Andrew, Archer, Aspinwall, Audley,
Baker, Balston, Barsham, Bartlett, Bateman, Baxter, Beamsley, Beecher, Belcher, Bendall, Benham, Biggs, Black, Boggust, Boswell, Bosworth, Bourne, Bowman, Bradstreet, Brand, Bratcher, Brenton, Bright, Browne, Buckland, Bugby, Bulgar, Burnell/Bunnell, Burr, Burroughs,
Cable, Cakebread, Chadwick, Chambers, Chase, Chauner, Cheesebrough, Child, Church, Clarke, Clough/Cluff, Coddington, Colbron, Colby, Cole, Converse, Cooke, Cowlishaw, Crabb, Crafts, Cranwell, Cribb, Crugott,
Dady, Deekes/Dix, Devereux, Dillingham, Dixon, Doggett, Downing, Dudley, Dutton,
Edmunds, Eggleston, Ellis, Elston, Eyens/Ijons/Irons,
Fayerweather, Feake, Finch, Firman, Fitzrandolph, Fox, Foxwell, Freeman, French, Frothingham,
Gage, Garrett, Gibson, Glover, Goldthwaite, Gosnall, Gosse/Goffe, Goulworth, Gridley, Gyver,
Haddon, Hale, Hall, Hammond, Harding, Harris, Harwood, Hawke, Hawkins, Hawthorne, Hesselden, Hoames, Hough/Hoffe, Hopwood, Horne, Hosier, Howlett, Hudson, Hulbirt, Hutchins, Hutchinson,
James, Jarvis, Johnson, Jones,
Kidby, Kingsbury, Knapp, Knower,
Lamb, Lawson, Learned, Leatherland, Legge, Lockwood, Lynton, Lynn,
Masters,Matson, Mayhew, Millett, Mills, Morey, Morley, Morris, Morton, Moulton, Mousall, Munt,
Nash, Needham, Nowell,
Paige, Painter, Palmer, Palsgrave, Parke, Parker, Pattrick, Pelham, Pemberton, Penn, Penniman, Perry, Phillips, Pickering, Pickworth, Pierce, Pond, Porter, Pratt, Pynchon,
Rainsford, Ratcliffe, Rawlins, Reade, Reading, Reynolds, Richardson, Royse/Ryse, Ruggles,
Sales, Saltonstall, Sampson, Sanford, Saxton, Scott, Seaman, Seely, Sharpee, Simpson, Smead, Smith, Smyth, Squire, Stearns, Stileman, Stoughton, Sumner, Swaddon,
Talmadge, Taylor, Tomlins, Turner, Tyndal,
Wade, Walker, Ward, Warren, Waterbury, Waters, Webb, Weed, Weldon, Weston, Wilbore, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilsby, Wilson, Wilton, Winthrop, Woods, Woolrich, Wright.

Most of the Salem and Dorchester settlers are not on Banks' list.

Col. Banks, even after his very thorough research, didn't claim to have named all of the Fleet's passengers, and if you have pre-1634 Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth ancestors who are not on this list, that is precisely the information we are most anxious to gather. Your evidence and arguments are most welcome!

Below is a partially reconstructed list of surnames of the first settlers of Dorchester who arrived on the Mary and John in 1630, or were known to be in Dorchester before 1632 (from Anderson, NEHGR 147):

Benham, Clap, Collicot, Cooke, Denslow, Dyer, Eggleston, Ford, Gallop, Gaylord, Gibbs, Gibson, Gillet, Glover, Grant, Greenaway, Holman, Hoskins, Hulbird/Hubbert, Hull, Johnson, Lumbert/Lombard, Louge, Ludlow, Maverick, Newton, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Pomeroy, Rockwell, Rossiter, Smith, Southcott, Stoughton, Terry, Upsall, Warham, Way, Williams, Wolcott, Woolridge.

The following are some early Dorchester settlers who likely came before 1634 (from original contemporary records):

Allen, Bascomb,Branker, Capen, Clarke, Clement, Cogan, Drake, Duncan, Eales, Elwell, Feakes/Fooks, French, Gilbert, Hall, Hannum, Hathorne, Hayden, Hill, Holcomb, Holland, Holley, Lovell, Marshfield, Mason, Minot, Moore, Newbury, Pinney, Pitcher, Purchase, Richards, Rocket, Strong, Sylvester, Tileston, Tilly, Wilton.

The following passengers came in 1631 aboard the William and Francis (from the London Rolls Office):

Gamlin, Harris, Hart, Hayward, Hill, Levins, Mannering, Norton, Olliver, Perkins, Smallie, Thomas, Whetson, Woodford, Winslow.

The following came in 1632 aboard the Lyon:

Allis, Bartlett, Benjamin, Brewer, Browne, Carrington, Churchman, Clark, Coggeshall, Curtis, Elmore, Glover, Goodwin, Grant, Heath, Holman, James, Lewis, Morrill, Olmstead, Pierce, Richards, Roberts, Shelley, Talcott, Totman, Ufford, Wade, Wadsworth, Watson, Whipple, Willett, Witchfield.

Those settled by either Weston or Gorges, 1622-23, and other very early settlers:

Blaxton, Burslin, Hilton, Jeffrey, Jennens, Maverick, Pierce, Pratt, Sanders, Thomson, Walford.

Among the founders and settlers of the first Puritan settlement, Cape Ann & Naumkeag, 1623-1627:

Allen, Balch, Conant, Cushman, Gardner, Gray, Jeffrey, Knight, Lyford, Norman, Oldham, Palfrey, Patch, Pickryn, Winslow, Woodbury.

Among those who arrived with Endecott on the Abigail in Salem, 1628:

Brackenbury, Brown, Davenport, Elford, Endecott, Gott, Laskin, Leach, Maurie/Morey, Puckett, Scruggs, Trask.

Among those who arrived with the Higginson & Skelton fleet to Salem, 1629:

Archer, Beard, Brand, Brown, Brude, Claydon, Craddock, Dixy, Dodge, Edes, Edmonds, Ewstead, Farr, Graves, Hanscombe, Haughton, Haward, Herrick, Higginson, Holgrave, Ingersoll, Malbon, Massie, Miller, Moulton, Rickman, Ryall, Sharpe, Sibly, Skelton, Sprague, Stileman, Stowers, Tillie, Waterman, Webb, Wilson.

Others in Salem before 1632:

Auger, Bennet, Clark, Dike, Huson, Johnson, Leavit, Manning, Noddle, Norton, Peach, Sweet, Wincoll.

A list of the approximately 350 colonists who arrived in Salem with Endecott in 1628 and the Higginson & Skelton fleet of 1629 is being prepared by the Society.

Contributions and arguments are especially welcome concerning ALL early Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth planters, since the purpose of the Winthrop Society is to establish true histories of this epic migration.

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